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Student Loan Debt isn't going away.

It has been widely reported that student loan debt in the United States had topped a staggering 1.3 trillion dollars. It’s becoming alarmingly apparent that students are finding themselves deeper in debt while pursuing their higher education. Making the right choices early on is important, especially before the situation gets out of hand.

We take student debt seriously.

We’ve helped thousands of consumers burdened by high student loan debt, credit card, collection, medical and various other unsecured debts improve their financial well-being by reviewing each individuals financial picture and creating workable plans aimed at repaying their debt in a fraction of the time it would take on their own.

Our Certified Counselors will help you navigate the numerous repayment plans available and provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision on which program you could apply for should it be determined assistance is your best course of action.

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Understanding Your Repayment Options

Types of repayment plans available include:

Standard Repayment

The Standard Repayment Plan for federal student loans is currently the most popular plan offered mainly because it is the plan a borrower is automatically placed in if they do not select one of the other plans available. There are several different types of federal student loans that are eligible for this program, so this program will work for most student loan borrowers. This plan offers a fixed monthly payment of at least $50.00 per month for up to 10 years. This plan can save borrowers money because this plan offers the shortest repayment term so the borrowers pay less interest over that term.

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Graduated Repayment

Graduated Repayment Plans are plans that allow borrowers to start with a lower monthly payment that will consistently increase every two years. This repayment plan is designed so that it does not extend their repayment period. The gradual increase insures that the loan will be paid off in the same amount of time as your original term. On a graduated plan, the loan may end up costing more in terms of interest paid, due to starting off with a lower payment.

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Income-Based Repayment

The Income Based Repayment Plan (or IBR as it is mostly referred to) is the most widely available income driven repayment plans for borrowers with Federal Student Loans. This plan takes into account what borrowers adjusted gross income, family size and state of residence. The major difference between this repayment plan and some of the others is that it requires a financial hardship in order to qualify. The Income Based Repayment plan is a qualifying repayment plan and will make you eligible for possible loan forgiveness.

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