We are a multifaceted financial services organization…

enjoying-coffee-relaxedStudent Loan Professionals, which is a service branch of Debt Reduction Services Inc., a nationwide nonprofit consumer credit counseling organization, is here to help you explore and understand the variety of repayment options you may have available to aid you in resolving your student loan debt on more manageable terms.

Our free student loan counseling session is designed to give you the tools and support necessary to have a comprehensive understanding of the student loan debt relief options available to you.

The numbers are staggering…

Financial problems can leave you feeling isolated and at a loss as to where to turn. Please keep in mind that you’re not alone, student loan debt in the United States has topped $1.3 trillion dollars. We encourage you to get help now by calling to speak with a certified student loan counselor or submit your information through our site for one of our counselors contact you right away to learn more about the options available to you.

Our services include free budget and credit counseling, low-cost debt management programs, and free community wide educational programs as a part of a complete and sound financial outcome for our clients.

Consumer Credit Counseling:

Credit Counseling is a process that is used to assist consumers in determining their options for getting out of debt. This process includes a variety of tools including but not limited to financial education and budgeting. These consultations are free of charge and are designed to create a solution for the consumer whether our repayment services are utilized or not.

Debt Consolidation Program:

Debt consolidation consists of either taking on one larger loan to repay several loans or working with an organization that offers a debt consolidation program that consolidates all unsecured debt into one monthly payment at often times reduced interest rates as well as lower total monthly payments without the need for a loan. Visit to learn more.

Bankruptcy Certificate Provider:

We are a certificate provider in a majority of districts throughout the United States. If you are filing bankruptcy, have spoken to an attorney and live in a district in which we offer pre-filing and post debtor education certificates you can receive the appropriate materials and coursework by visiting

Free Financial Education Resources:

“Since its inception in 1996, our organization has been a leader in promoting financial education, increasing personal financial responsibility, and empowering individuals to take control of their financial situation. We’re pleased to present at this website a virtual financial toolbox for individuals of all backgrounds, a customized center for educators seeking to incorporate financial literacy into their classrooms, a resource to find guest speakers for just about any occasion, an Everyday Money for Everyday People blog and information about our available publications.” – 

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